Eradicating Generational Poverty

The impact of Homes Bring Hope on new homeowners – and on the surrounding area – cannot be overstated nor underestimated. The more community members who can connect with the opportunity to experience the joys and civic responsibility of homeownership, the better it will be for all stakeholders within the region, such as taxpayers, academic institutions, and businesses. The need is as real as the potential for positive impact.


According to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida has more than 3 million people living in poverty (14.8%), exceeding the national poverty rate.  Of that total, 829,342 (20.1%) are under the age of 18. In the 32114-zip code area, the rate of childhood poverty is a staggering 52.9%.

As research clearly illustrates, the uplifting of people from precarious rental situations into building equity in their own homes will not only positively affect their own families in eliminating cyclical poverty, but it will also provide stability and productivity for their employers, while significantly reducing the fiscal effect on the local/municipal, tax-supported social services, such as on the Housing Authorities. Click here for impact scenarios. 


Homes Bring Hope is poised to lift 12 Volusia County residents out of poverty and into their own homes by the end of 2021. Our team will leverage partnerships to further help 100 families fulfill their dream of homeownership by helping them through the process of purchasing a home, renovating an existing home or building a new home, by 2030. Further pillars of service provided include education and employment resources, support and connectivity.


The impact of assistance through Homes Bring Hope will have a ripple effect of constructive community changes: families will be more secure; students will be in stable housing and in a consistent school zone; employers will have less disruption due to poor performance by employees impacted by housing instability. As levels of poverty will be alleviated, the overall community will be elevated.

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