Our Story
Building a Better Community

Building a stronger community by helping aspiring homeowners become homeowners.

Our Story
The Road to Home Ownership

Forough Hosseini has always viewed the world through the lens of her community. That led her to establish (and fund) non-profit organizations to serve homeless and hungry students and their families. Today, thousands of students and their families have benefitted from the programs and services of her organizations, Food Brings Hope, VCan and Hope House, each developed with the strong support of the community – and each is an FBH Community organization. Collectively, they fight homelessness, food insecurity and poverty. But it is poverty – specifically generational poverty – that she views as the root cause of chronic homelessness, persistent food insecurity and economic injustices. Ms. Hosseini is not alone.

The Prosperity Initiative

The Prosperity Initiative

Some community issues are too massive for any single non-profit to solve and yet too important for community leaders to ignore.

ICI Homes

In fact, the Florida Chamber of Commerce shares her concerns and has launched its Prosperity Initiative. It is an integrated approach to addressing educational challenges, employment inequities and elusive homeownership- all consequences of generational poverty. Ms. Hosseini has been asked by Florida Chamber to lead her community’s response to these complex issues. Accordingly, she has established an organization whose sole focus is helping people escape the confines of generational poverty through homeownership: Homes Bring Hope. It will help people qualify for home loans and prepare them for the challenges – and joys – of homeownership. Ultimately, Homes Bring Hope will help people become homeowners and break the bonds of generational poverty by building equity, the first step to accumulating wealth.



Ms. Hosseini illustrates the importance of this movement with her observations about family and youth homelessness.

“When situational homeless youth or homeless families are given the opportunity (and hope), they almost always help themselves out of homelessness. A striking example of this is Hope Place, a shelter for families and youth. It was truly a project created with the strong partnership of our entire community: Volusia County’s government, Volusia County School Board, six-city governments, a nonprofit organization to run the shelter, Halifax Urban Ministries, and many community leaders who all stepped up to help this very important cause. The difference Hope Place has already made in the lives of our homeless children and families, after opening in January 2018, is well worth everyone’s involvement. I personally worked on establishing Hope Place for five years and would do it all over again. It has had a tremendous impact on the lives of our community members experiencing difficulties with an outstanding success ratio.”

About Homes Bring Hope

Homes Bring Hope is an FBH Community organization. As such, it is committed to fighting homelessness, unemployment and poverty in our community. This work is achieved with the support of generous donors, skilled staff professionals and dedicated volunteers.

Our Mission

To lead the facilitation of homeownership opportunities for hard-working families.

Our Vision

To empower the community through opportunities for homeownership for hard-working families.