Our Mission
To lead the facilitation of homeownership opportunities for hard-working families.
Our Vision
To empower the community through opportunities for homeownership for hard-working families.
Building a better community, one homeowner at a time

There is no place like home. Yet for many, home ownership is nothing more than a dream. But now, community leaders have come together to help people fulfill their dream of owning their own home. If you are working or have federal assistance income but cannot accumulate enough money to become a homeowner, Homes Bring Hope may be able to help.

Homes Bring Hope is an FBH Community organization. As such, it is committed to fighting homelessness, unemployment and poverty in our community. This work is achieved with the support of generous donors, skilled staff professionals and dedicated volunteers.

How To Support
Shayla Howell is a scheduling manager with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. She recently became a proud homeowner- the first in her family!
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“I am very appreciative of all of the individuals and organizations who have come together to assist me in becoming a homeowner. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am.”

-Petra Smiley
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Without Homes Bring Hope, I never could have become a homeowner. But now, I am proud to be the first member of my family to own his own home, a dream I feared would never come true. Homes Bring Hope has given me opportunity…and hope. Owning my own home would make my parents in Colombia so proud; and it makes me so grateful.

-Josue VIlla
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I consider it a miracle that Homes Bring Hope has become part of my life. Its staff and volunteers have done what I thought would be impossible. They helped me qualify to buy a home despite my limited income and lack of experience. The have helped me every step of the way and they are still helping me as I adjust from being a life-long renter to being a proud homeowner.

-Madeline Mendez-Velez
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Homes Bring Hope is a great organization for people like me and for our entire community. Most of all, it offers hope for hard-working people and helps them qualify for homeownership, triumph over poverty, and build a brighter future. As for me, I am now a candidate for homeownership. I am seeing my prayers answered and for that I thank God – and the wonderful people affiliated with Homes Bring Hope.

-Shayla Howell
The Latest News
Featured in the News Journal: Homes Bring Hope turns another renter into a homeowner

Featured in the News Journal: Every night for five years, Madeline Mendez had to push aside toys, books, DVDs and all the other trappings of her living room to clear a space where she could drift off to sleep. Just a few feet away, her three kids would snooze in the two small bedrooms inside her cramped South Daytona apartment.

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Land Of Opportunity: The Impact Of Donated Land

America is a land of opportunity.  And here in Volusia County, that opportunity is magnified by the generous donation of land to Homes Bring Hope, which lowers the cost for families in their quest to become homeowners. The donation of remnant lands and unused residential lots can make the purchase of a home much more affordable for first-time homebuyers. Already, the City of Daytona Beach has approved donation of several lots to Homes Bring Hope. Other municipalities, organizations and individuals are considering donation of land that could help more Homes Bring Hope clients. If you have unused property that could increase opportunities for qualifying families who aspire to homeownership, contact Homes Bring Hope for details.

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