Stories of Hope: Eugena and George Green share FBH Community story

Stories of Hope: Eugena and George Green share FBH Community story

We are Eugena and George Green and the FBH Community has helped us understand that there is hope and help for low-income people and that they will go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met.

VCan and Food Brings Hope have been there for our family, providing resources like food when we needed it most. Homes Bring Hope helped our dream of becoming a homeowner come true.

More Stories of Hope:

Being in a home of our own has been such a great blessing. We are at peace knowing we don’t have to worry about the rent going up every year and we are not paying as much monthly to own our home as we did for rent. Being able to have family and friends stay for as long as we want is a real benefit. We are so glad and proud that we are homeowners and are excited to be able to host celebrations this year while taking care of health requirements of our family members.

My four children — James, 17, Veronica, 14, Patrice, 12, and Jakari, 8 — love Christmastime so they can be around family, getting to rest and catch up with each other. They are hopeful to receive some of their wish list items, such as PlayStation and Xbox gift cards, as well as ladies’ anklets and bracelets, under the tree this year. We look forward to celebrating the holidays in our own home, which we were able to do with the help of Homes Bring Hope.

About this series: The FBH Community’s mission is to foster community organizations that proactively work to eradicate the causes of generational poverty. Programs such as Food Brings Hope, VCan, Pierson Family Literacy, Homes Bring Hope and the FBH Prosperity Initiative help hardworking families struggling with hunger, housing insecurity, underemployment and low levels of literacy. Overhead is covered by the Hosseini Family Foundation, so 100% of donations go directly to the programs and families. Throughout the holidays, The News-Journal is highlighting the organization by publishing the stories of some of its young participants. To donate to the organization, or to brighten the holidays by donating a gift to a child, email

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